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Checks urged for window safety measures

Health & Safety update 26/03/2012

The Department of Health (DoH) has issued new guidance on safety features on windows in facilities that provide health and social care for vulnerable people.

The new guidance – which is aimed at NHS Trusts, NHS Boards, hospitals, public buildings, schools, care homes and other care settings – was issued following a fatal incident in which window side-stays, which had been fitted to prevent a window from opening, failed.

The DoH has asked that all such side-stays in the relevant facilities be checked for flaws and degrading.

“Certain types of side-stay window restrictors incorporate a plastic spacer which, if allowed to deteriorate and crack may result in separation of the retaining rivet and failure of the restrictor,” the DoH statement read.

“Windows fitted with this type of side-stay restrictor should be examined and where necessary remedial repairs and control measures implemented.”

Jerry Hill, of Mentor Safety, Health and Environment, reiterated the warning, stating that new checks of these measures were now imperative.

“Any organisations who provide facilities for vulnerable people should inspect any windows fitted with side-stays immediately and document such checks,” he said. “They should also develop an preventative maintenance programme to carry out periodic inspections for damage of side-stay mechanism type window restrictors.”

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