CIPD urges businesses to make use of older workforce

Employment Law & HR update 09/03/2012

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has warned that older workers will be crucial to help address the challenges of a looming employment gap.

The business organisation has said that British employers are facing the challenge of filling some 13.5 million jobs in the next ten years, but only 7 million young people are expected to leave education during that period.

A new report from the CIPD, entitled Managing a healthy ageing workforce: A national business imperative, has urged employers to act now to prepare for that challenge – and reap the benefits of that preparation in the coming years.

The CIPD’s diversity adviser, Dianah Worman, said that embracing older workers will be beneficial for business and for the wider economy.

She explained, “Organisations that respond appropriately to the challenges of an ageing workforce will gain a significant competitive edge, both in terms of recruiting and retaining talent, but also through supporting the well-being and engagement of employees of all ages.”

Worman added that there is a very strong business case for older workers and that their presence in a company can serve to enhance customer service and can provide valuable knowledge retention.

She added, “With the removal of the Default Retirement Age last October, employers are freed up to adapt their workforce to the labour needs of the market.”

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