Plans to raise retirement age considered 'unfair'

Employment Law & HR update 10/05/2012

Plans to raise the state pension age in the UK are viewed as “unfair” by more than three-quarters of people surveyed in a recent YouGov poll.

The survey, commissioned by Unite, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union and the National Union of Teachers (NUT), found that 62 per cent of people born before 1977 are uncomfortable with plans to raise the state pension age.

A majority of the people polled – 62 per cent, again – said that they felt that the poorest pensioners would be hit hardest if the age is put up. Many people were, however, unaware of plans to delay the threshold for state pensions: 57 per cent said they had “some” understanding of the situation, but 38 per cent said they did not have any.

The general secretary of the PCS union, Mark Serwotka, said that plans to raise the age amounted to a “national scandal”.

He said, “Instead of making people work until they drop, we should be giving them dignity in their retirement, and rather than abandoning pensioners to poverty, we should provide a decent state pension that they can live on.”

Christine Blower from the NUT added, “It is simply not feasible for the majority of people to be working beyond 68. It is certainly not in the interest of employees or of young people who will be squeezed out of the job market.”

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