Absence Management

  • Staff absence, short and long-term, is inevitable, but if managed poorly can be a significant burden on your business and affect staff morale.

    Employers must deal with staff absences fairly, so having a clear procedure in place that all employees are aware of is important.

    For short-term absences, this procedure would involve monitoring absence levels and holding ‘back to work’ interviews. If a problem is identified, an employer can meet with the staff member to discuss concerns and provide an opportunity to improve.

    If no improvement follows, an employer may issue a formal warning about the outcomes of continued poor attendance, such as dismissal.

    For cases of long-term absences, the employer should aim to help the employee get back to work. Where this is not possible, an employer may consider dismissal based on ‘capability’ of the employee. However, the employer must demonstrate that they have kept in touch with the employee, obtained medical information and considered if adjustments could be made.

    How Mentor could help

    The Mentor Absence Management Consultancy could help you plan for future absences, and have clearly communication policies in place for staff absences, from stress leave to  paternity and maternity leave.

    In the event of a short or long-term staff absence, your Mentor Consultant will ensure you follow the correct absence management processes.

    If required, we will also arrange for your employee to be referred to an occupational health provider.

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