Mediation and Conflict Management

  • Workplace conflict is unavoidable. How incidents are managed determines whether the conflict is resolved or escalated.

    If handled incorrectly, conflict can be a destructive and long lasting influence in your business.

    Managing conflict is time-consuming and managers often make the mistake of diffusing conflict issues rather than resolving them.

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor Employment Law & HR Service ensures you have the expert employment law advice you need to successfully identify, manage and resolve conflict. 

    Mentor could help you to:

    • Learn conflict-management techniques on our training courses
    • Our Advice Service offers employment law advice and support on mediation and conflict management techniques, whenever you need it
    • Mentor’s nationally-qualified consultants could provide mediation between the employer and relevant individuals or support facilitated discussion.

    With support, your managers will be able to identify and resolve conflict and prevent it reoccurring in the future.

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