Employment Tribunal

  • An employment Tribunal is a risk that every business could face and Mentor can help protect against costs and damage to your business’s reputation.

    How Mentor could help

    With the Mentor Employment Tribunal Service, you know your business is protected as long as you follow our advice.

    Mentor could help you to put employment procedures in place and show you how to implement them correctly, providing the services of an expert litigator if your initial ACAS mediation process does not result in a settlement agreement.

    Please note that Mentor's services incur a cost once any free trial has ended. 

    First steps

    Legislation now requires that an employee must contact ACAS to discuss their employment dispute before they could make a claim to an employment Tribunal court.

    We will help you to review your case and identify key facts and legal issues, and advise you on how to prepare at this stage.

    Prepare for litigation

    Should your case proceed to employment Tribunal court, we will appoint an expert employment Tribunal litigator to handle your case. They will help you to prepare your response to the claim, from procedural matters to what you can expect at the hearing.

    Your litigator has the expertise to help you follow the appropriate employment Tribunal processes and mount a robust defence  in your attempt to achieve the best outcome for your business.

    Should the Tribunal claim result in a finding against your business, dependent upon the service option you choose, our Employment Practice Liability Policy offers you protection for legal costs and awards providing our advice has been sought and followed.

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