Grievance Procedures

  • Every business needs to be prepared to manage workplace grievances.

    Grievances can arise for a number of reasons, so you need to consider having grievance procedures in place to limit the impact on the individual employee, workplace morale and your business’s reputation.

    Your business requires a clear and understandable grievance policy in place, which:

    • Employees can refer to
    • Meets your legal requirements 
    • Is regularly updated with any legal changes

    How Mentor could help

    Mentor could help you develop a bespoke grievance policy and communicate this clearly to employees.

    Your Mentor Consultant will write and review this policy on your behalf, updating it as relevant laws change helping your business to remain legally compliant.

    In the event of a grievance, you will be assigned a dedicated Mentor Case Manager who could help you to manage and resolve the grievance, quickly and effectively.

    MentorLearn also offers training courses which could provide your managers with the practical skills and techniques they need to effectively resolve grievance claims.
    Should you prefer to receive face-to-face support from a Mentor Consultant, or you would like the grievance issue managed on your behalf, Mentor could arrange a bespoke service.

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