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  • Whether you worry about complying with regulations, keeping your people safe, protecting your environment or simply improving the performance of your business: Mentor could help.

    Compliance & legislation challenges?

    We are here to support all your employment law & HR, health & safety and environmental decision-making.

    We offer a level of service which could suit your business:

    • Full range of consultancy services
    • Face-to-face support 
    • 24/7 advice phone line
    • Legal protection insurance
    • Wide range of training courses. 

    All Mentor Consultants are qualified and experienced, so you could rely on their advice when making crucial business decisions, as you know you have up-to-date, accurate information. As long as you follow our advice, your legal fees are also covered, should the worst happen. Please be aware that you are not covered for legal fees when our advice is followed during a Mentor free trial.

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