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    Get digital, telephone and face-to-face advice in employment law and HR

  • Recipe for success

    Mentor’s expert advice and support meant world-renowned chef Jean-Christophe Novelli could focus on building his culinary venture knowing his employees were well cared for.

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  • Keeping on top of complex legislation and legal developments can be challenging for business managers.

    We can provide the expert advice and support you need to comply with legislation and manage your employees fairly. 

    How we can help

    We cover all areas of employment law and HR, including managing complex disciplinary issues, giving guidance on holiday calculations, and dealing with redundancy.

    Mentor consultants have in-depth, hands-on experience across a wide range of business sectors ensuring you receive relevant industry-specific advice. If you have a complicated case and need ongoing support, Mentor will assign a dedicated case manager to act as your named point of contact.

    You also get access to our MentorAdvice platform that gives you step-by-step guidance, live webchat and callback appointments with our employment law experts.

    You can carry out a short service dismissal, performance review and disciplinary procedure, and even get the latest updates on COVID-19 with return to work and redundancy guidance.  

    How does our MentorAdvice platform work?

    Simply create an employee case and follow our step-by-step guidance, written by employment law experts. 

    1. Select case type 
      Choose which HR issue you'd like to resolve.
    2. Select employee
      Enter your employee's details and reasons for creating the case.
    3. Assess risk
      Use our risk checkers and legal guidance to stay compliant.
    4. View tasks
      Complete the outlined tasks to resolve your case.

    For additional help or support, speak to our experts via live webchat or book a callback appointment at a time that suits you.

    Some Mentor services incur a cost. Indemnified advice is only available with paid for Mentor packages.

    • Concerned about the cost of employment tribunal claims?

      Mentor can protect your business.

    • Staff absences causing concern?

      We can help manage and improve long-term, short-term and unauthorised absences.

    • Need help with TUPE regulations?

      Mentor can help you understand and manage complex TUPE situations.