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Guarantee your policies and procedures comply with the latest HR legislation

Ensure you and your employees have an agreed understanding of how you will work together

Treat your employees fairly with a clear and consistent approach that promotes equality

Help protect you and your business from employment-related disputes and claims

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We know that creating an employee handbook is confusing, complex and takes up valuable time. So let our legal experts do the hard work for you, carefully crafting every document, tailoring them to your business, and ensuring they comply with the latest HR legislation.

What's more, we'll regularly review your handbook so it's always up to date and compliant.

    • Annual holidays
    • Capability
    • Conduct and standards
    • Disciplinary
    • Equality, diversity and inclusion
    • Grievance
    • Parental leave
    • Performance management
    • Sick pay
    • Wellbeing

The must-have document every business needs

It’s highly recommended to have your policies and procedures in writing and fully accessible to your employees. The employee handbook does just that, outlining your company’s need-to-know information, all in one place.

From employee performance, rights and codes of conduct, to holiday, sick pay and parental leave - it lays the foundations to better employee relations, more streamlined operations and boosted productivity.

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Download and edit our free template letters, forms and documents to better manage your employment law, HR, health & safety, and environmental issues.

    • 100,000 cases dealt with annually
    • 20,000 businesses supported
    • 25 years' experience
    • 100 qualified experts

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