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Instant access to help and advice in employment law, HR, and health & safety with your free digital hub

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Your employment law needs, covered

Find simple solutions to your employment law problems with guidance on everything from short-time working and redundancy, to flexible working and maternity leave - all written by our employment law experts.

Step-by-step online case management

With over 5,000 employee cases resolved, you too can do a performance review, disciplinary procedure and even a short-service dismissal online. Simply create a case and follow our guidance. Need help, speak to an expert on one of our paid-for plans.

Create a safe workspace, digitally

Identify risks before they become problems

Do your risk assessments in minutes - simply, follow our step-by-step guidance, assign specific tasks to employees, and get diary prompts so you're always up to date and compliant.

Fast and accurate accident reporting

Accidents do happen. Report it digitally and you'll find step-by-step guidance covering everything you need to do. What's more, ensure you comply with the law and notify the HSE directly.

Manage your people
anywhere, anytime,
on any device

Approve different kinds of time off and see who’s away and why. Plus, access all employee working patterns, holiday entitlements and absence records in just a few quick clicks.

No more number crunching

Take the complexity out of HR calculations with our easy-to-use holiday, redundancy and maternity leave calculators.

“Who’s on holiday today?”

“What would Jim’s redundancy payout be?”

“How much maternity pay will Pam get?”

Store employee
documents safely
and securely

Get free space to store documents for all your employees. From passports to contracts, simply upload files to individual profiles and find them again, fast.

Download and edit in seconds

500+ free downloadable documents

Download and edit our free template letters, forms and documents to better manage your employment law, HR, health & safety, and environmental issues.

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